Helping Homeless Dogs On Their Journey to Love, Life, & Happiness.

At The Red Dog Farm we are committed to saving lives by fostering dogs until they find a safe and loving home.  All of our dogs come from the local community animal shelters.  We bring dogs into our home and treat them as our own.  We tend to their needs, train them, socialize them, and find adopters who will love them and care for them as we have.   

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​​Our own eight dogs have become quite adept in assessing and training the foster dogs.  They help un-socialized dogs with their manners.  They help set boundaries for dogs that need it and give timid dogs confidence.  This core group has shown amazing abilities to accept new dogs regardless of their backgrounds and teach them to be well-mannered family pets. Without this team of "trainers" we are sure we wouldn't have achieved the level of success that we have.  

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