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Helping Homeless Dogs On Their Journey to Love, Life, & Happiness

At The Red Dog Farm we are committed to saving lives by fostering dogs until they find a safe and loving home.  All of our dogs come from the local community animal shelter.  We bring dogs into our home and treat them as our own.  We tend to their needs, train them, socialize them, and find adopters who will love them and care for them as we have.  

It's Not A Business, It's A Lifestyle

Our foster dogs become part of the family.  Crates and kennels are available, if needed, but each dog lives with the family to learn good house manners to learn how to be a family pet. 

We offer them the amount of time that they need to rest and recover both mentally and physically before being placed up for adoption.  Foster dogs have access to our fenced and wooded property to run freely, explore, play, and socialize.

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This is Jaeger. I still have trouble saying his name! It's too similar to our "Jagger". It's pronounced "Jay-ger". ...

Posted by Wanda Moak on Monday, January 25, 2016
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